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Not everyone can become a parent mentor or a foster parent, but everyone has the ability to extend love and grace to others...

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Grace bags

These small bags are given out to Hannah Grace mother’s during their various times of need (discouragement, feeling lost, lonely, tempted, or simply needing encouragement). The bags are donated by YOU and the words of encouragement written by YOU!

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Items needed per grAce bag

Each Grace Bag contains these 7 items, including the clear bag everything is placed in. Enough items for one or more bags can be donated, multiples of various items can be donated, or just one item can be donated. All contributions help us bring encouragement to hurting mamas

• 1 pair of socks

•1 lip balm

•1 full size candy bar

• 1 travel size lotion

•1 $5 Coffee Gift Card

•1 (4 x 6) blank index card(s)

•1 clear (4 x 9.5) clear party favor bag


*You can also volunteer your time by filling up index cards with notes to hurting mothers during various times of need

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Support A Restored FamilY

Help assist a newly restored family by meeting some of their basic housing, clothing and food needs as they get back up on their feet


*One time, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly donations are all welcome


Contact us about our current HG Family needs

New or gently used womens Clothing.png

Women’s clothing needed (sizes S-3x)

We are now accepting and seeking new or gently used women’s clothing (sizes small to 3x in plus sizes). Please contact us for our current needs, including our current Hannah Grace mothers.

Also, we are seeking individuals to supply, collect clothing donations, wash and sort items.


Sponsor a child, parent and/or fAmily during those special days

Often Hannah Grace children, parents and families are just getting back on their feet and could use the extra help with those special times of the year

Such as, birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other special days…

Contact Us About Sponsorship Today


During these times, families could use help with writing/making birthday cards, making/buying birthday cakes, age appropriate birthday/holiday gifts, special clothing outfits and special meals/meal gift cards…

HanNah Grace Advocate

Individuals or businesses sharing Hannah Grace’s story- who we are, who we help, what our goals are and how others can help. An advocate is a volunteer that carries their support of Hannah Grace to family, friends and new entities.

What is a Hannah Grace Advocate?

Advocates are motivated and eager to share about Hannah Grace


Advocates are willing volunteers during events and other activities


Advocates are people or businesses that have a desire to see foster children loved and taken care of, but also have a passion to see biological parents loved, mentored and restored/reunited with their children


What Responsibilities Do Hannah Grace Ambassadors Have?

•Sharing Hannah Grace Family posts on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

•Volunteer and serve during events (if possible)

•Sharing ( updates

•Handing out or displaying Hannah Grace flyers and various promotional items in the community

•Helping seek out other individuals/businesses willing to partner with us. Whether donating, becoming an advocate or volunteering

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