A little bit about Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace started off with a married couple, Jason and Tara Hood, who took young foster children into their home to love and nurture. While loving the children, their hearts began to break for the parents of these children. They desired to reunite families and see parents regain custody of their children. In addition to loving the children, they began personally investing into the lives of each parent. They began mentoring parents through counseling, finding homes, jobs, budgeting, transportation, aiding them in their recovery from drugs/alcohol, and simply being their family when they needed one most. There has been a 100% return rate of children to the parents they have mentored. Over the past few years Jason and Tara have received letters of recommendation from a clackamas county judge and lawyers. These individuals took notice of the lives being changed in a system of increasing need. They recognized the progress being made and realized the potential for a larger restoration of families. Hannah Grace is a continuation of the work the Hoods started, but will now be able to operate on a larger scale.

We mentor in many ways, but most of all we love the parents and children when they need it most.
— Tara Hood

support groups

Hannah Grace Women’s Support Group (Contact us for location and more information)

Sundays 6:00-8:00 PM (Oregon City, OR)

Hannah Grace is a federally recognized 501(c)(3)non-profit; complete with a board, advisory board, and a variety of volunteers. The organization is seeking funds and support as they continue to mentor past, present and future children, mothers and families. In addition to supporting their current efforts, there is a need for a home for mothers with young children that are currently in the foster care system or on the verge of entering the system. Although mothers with young children are the present priority, the hope is to be able to provide homes for families further down the road. We are thankful for all your current and future help with establishing resources/connections, applicable grants, and financial contributions.