Stories of Mended Hearts


“They had no idea what was in store for them...”

-Steven & Lesley

“I took this opportunity to get the help that I so desperately needed…”

-Evan A.


Michael C. Wetzel, Circuit Court Judge

 I am writing this reference to Jason and Tara Hood. I got to know Jason and Tara in my capacity as a juvenile dependency judge for Clackamas County Circuit Court. Jason and Tara served as foster parents for a family of children who were brought into care and were under my jurisdiction and supervision.

During the time Jason and Tara were involved in the case, they were fully engaged and focused solely on the best needs of the children. They attended most if not all the hearings and participated by giving the court updates on the children's progress. The children thrived in their care. Most remarkably, Jason and Tara built a strong and unique relationship with the biological parents. In many cases, tension exits between the foster parents and biological parents. Jason and Tara's relationship with the birth parents was quite opposite. Jason and Tara supported the birth parents and maintained their support and relationship with them even after the children were returned. This was a case where parents suffered certain deficits in parenting skills due to cognitive issues and Jason and Tara were able to provide support and mentorship to help the parents reunite with their children. Jason and Tara showed a selfless commitment to the benefit of the children.

I would recommend Jason and Tara in any endeavor that involved efforts to support families and children.

Very truly yours,

Michael C. Wetzel

Circuit Court Judge

Roxanne Scott, Attorney at Law

I have worked with Jason and Tara for approximately 8 years. Their title during the time that I have worked with them had often been "Foster Parents," but they have been so much more. They have fostered children, been mentors to parents, and help guide families to reunification and meaningful change so that the families can remain together in the future.

Opening the nonprofit, Hannah Grace, is the prefect fit for the Hoods and our Community. Our community needs more opportunities for families to have the mentoring and guidance toward healing and meaningful change.


Roxanne Scott

Attorney at Law

Grandma and Papa Q

A note from the Grandparents of Jason and Tara's two previous foster children:

Each child is a gift and had a purpose in God's eyes. Jason and Tara know this. What makes them extraordinary, is they see the parents of that child as a lost child. through the ministry with the adult child, a faith can be re-discovered. Through God's extraordinary unconditional love, both parents and child can become a family. Thank you Hood family.

-Grandma and Papa Q

Angelena K

The founders of Hannah Grace Family are very close to me, and in a way before Hannah Grace became a official nonprofit organization they helped me get back on my feet and to see a life worth living. Thank You Tara and Jason Hood for always believing in me and and standing by my side. Spread the word friends this is an organization that is willing and wanting to help.

-Angelena K