Table Sponsor

Table Sponsor $300.PNG
Table Sponsor $300.PNG

Table Sponsor


Table Sponsor ($300)

  • Easy Tax Deductible Donation, without any fuss

  • Secures a designated table with 8 seats (You may choose to fill the seats or have us fill them)

  • Individuals will have their last name on a table sign and businesses will have their business name

  • Business names will be featured in the program and on the presentation. Individuals may be listed as anonymous or have their name listed as well.

  • Your donation benefits the children, mothers and families of Hannah Grace. In addition, your donation goes towards funding the purchase of the Hannah Grace Family House (a home that would allow more families to be cared for and reunited).

Unfortunately child care will not be provided at this event and due to a limited amount of seats it will be more adult friendly. We hope to have more “fun” events this year that will include the whole family!

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