We DO Recover….

Mama N’s Clean Challenge



A life of hardship and struggle… before turning her life around.

Okay guys so here it goes (not my best look) never have I posted anything like this and to be honest I have been leery to do so, but I guess if it helps one person have some hope that it’s possible then here it is.......#CleanChallenge post a picture of what you looked like in active addiction and how you look today. Trying to spread hope to those who are still struggling. We do recover!
— HG Mom



Miss “N” is doing so good. Clean, sober and focusing on being a mommy

We are so very proud of this mommy! She may still have struggles and temptations (don't we all!) But, what a transformation. She is so beautiful on the inside and out! We are very thankful that she is in a place to encourage and help others around her. We do agree with the Clean Challenge; THEY DO RECOVER!!