We DO Recover….

Mama N’s Clean Challenge



A life of hardship and struggle… before turning her life around.

Okay guys so here it goes (not my best look) never have I posted anything like this and to be honest I have been leery to do so, but I guess if it helps one person have some hope that it’s possible then here it is.......#CleanChallenge post a picture of what you looked like in active addiction and how you look today. Trying to spread hope to those who are still struggling. We do recover!
— HG Mom



Miss “N” is doing so good. Clean, sober and focusing on being a mommy

We are so very proud of this mommy! She may still have struggles and temptations (don't we all!) But, what a transformation. She is so beautiful on the inside and out! We are very thankful that she is in a place to encourage and help others around her. We do agree with the Clean Challenge; THEY DO RECOVER!!

Local Woman Donates Lula Roe Clothing Collection 👗

A wonderful woman and local mama, selected Hannah Grace to donate the entirety of her LuLa Roe inventory (NEW w/tags). So much fun stuff to be able to distribute to some deserving Moms!


Feeling inspired? Hannah Grace would love to receive NEW or gently used clothing donations!

(Children’s, women’s and men’s clothing)


💌 Contact us for current family’s sizes & needs

Back to School ✏️📓 🚌

Are these all mine!?
— HG child

EIGHT children whose parents are currently engaged in or needed extra assistance from Hannah Grace, received a little helping hand of new back to school clothing and supplies!


📌 Such joy seeing these kiddos light up with their new items and knowing these parents had a burden taken off their shoulders of having to buy all this school stuff! Even when we work our hardest...life and children can be so rewarding, but also so hard! Thankfully family always has a way of looking out for one another...or at least we hope to achieve that here with our Hannah Grace Family.

📌Helping support the bio-parents after their kids have return home is more than just a support group or mentorship program. It’s being an ear to listen, a friend to talk to when temptation arises, a shoulder to lean on, a person to share in the excitement of victories and a family that helps support them when times are tough... whether with school clothes, household necessities, or just being someone they can trust. Family helps family.

Thank you so much...
— HG Parent

Salesforce/Women’s Network Portland- HG Clothing Drive


We were so fortunate to have a company called Salesforce/ Women’s Network Portland who put together a donation drive for some of our Hannah Grace families. Hannah Grace was promoted in all their site meetings, as well as bins for the donation drive.

We are beyond excited to be able to provide clothing necessities to some of our families in need! Often our HG volunteers/board are the ones buying things out of their own pockets and we are so grateful for companies/individuals who are also going out of their way to help meet these tangible needs!


Dentist Partnership for HG Parents

So excited to share we have partnered with a anonymous dentist who will donate hours each month to help selected Hannah Grace Family parents enrolled in our services. We just had our 1st mom go in mid-July of 209 and the dentist will be covering everything that the insurance doesn't. What a Huge blessing! As we know, teeth are very important for our health, in addition to our appearance!

We are truly thankful for this partnership and the opportunity for parents to better their teeth health and aesthetic!